Frequently asked questions

What are my responsibilities once I sign up for a subscription?

You will be required to approve your social media proofs once every week so that they can be posted the following week. If you do not approve your posts, they can not be posted to your social media pages and you will not get your money back for that time period.

I also strongly recommend that you keep your monthly strategy appointments with me. I know you are busy, but these meetings can be short and are necessary to keep me up-to-date on the content you’d like to share. This will also give you an opportunity to give me any information and photographs that are relevant to your upcoming content.

What if my business experiences an emergency and I need something posted immediately?

Although I don’t generally allow changes to your approved posts, I will try to make exceptions in the event of an emergency. Contact me if you need help right away.

Can I still log into my accounts after Clark’s Design Services takes them over?

Yes. You will maintain access to all of your pre-existing accounts. If I am setting them up for you, I will give you the necessary credentials to access your sites.

How do you figure out my target audience and market to them directly?

I’ll gather information about your existing customers and research the audience of your biggest competitors to gain information on who they are, where they are located and where they spend their time on social media. Once I have that information, I can set up your paid social posts to market to them directly.

If your business is brand new to social media, it will take a couple of months of testing to start gaining insights into who is engaging with your content.

Audiences are always growing and changing and for that reason, I continuously test new content and use it to inform ongoing marketing efforts.

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