social media management

Struggling to decide which platforms to leverage?

Falling behind with your posts?

Not getting a decent ROI for the time your spending?

The 4 most common reasons companies are not getting what they want out of their social media pages.



Social media is extremely time consuming. Let me set up a marketing calendar for you, manage your posts, and make sure you’re staying visible to your target audience.



I will design all of your social media posts using your current branding identity and content relative to your business. Once a week you’ll receive a custom, visually engaging campaign that you can edit and approve before it gets posted.



I’ll work with you to set attainable goals for your business. Then, every month I’ll evaluate the analytics from your social platforms to gain information and ensure continued advancement.



Whether you are starting from the beginning or want to start over, I can configure your platforms to ensure you are set up for optimal success.

I will conduct a full audit of your existing social media platforms, research your competition and use the results to create a customized social media plan which will be fully-managed for you.

how it works



Once we’ve discussed the best platforms for your business, you’ll be asked to fill out a business profile online. This gives me the information I’ll need to start researching and creating your specialized marketing plan.

Every client is unique, so I request 14 days to research your business and industry. I will also analyze the leading competitors in your industry to find what strategies are working for them.



Once I have all of this information, I can create your personalized content calendar. The content will be aligned to your specific business goals and will be optimized to help you grow your online presence, convert potential clients and retain current clients.



Once your marketing strategy has been created, I’ll begin posting on your behalf. You’ll be sent previews each week to edit and approve before they are posted. The more you stay in touch with me about what’s happening in your business, the better informed and interested we can keep your audience.



You’ll receive a detailed analytic report at the end of every quarter. These analytics will show you how many people I’ve reached, how many followers and likes I’ve generated, and much more. These reports will also show you the kind of engagement your pages are getting and help you understand the ongoing return on your investment.